For some unknown reason mental and physical illnesses seem to go together. The first cost is the actual bill. Insurance pays some, yet they do not pay all. Doctors want to make multiple appointments a week and the bill piles up until it is so overwhelming that the bills all wind up in a neat pile on the counter. The collection notices come, yet there are no funds to pay with. It is frustrating.

Add to that the family and friends that stick around at first. They encourage and push for recovery when sometimes the curve is negative. After being frustrated at the idea that wellness is not coming anytime soon, they slowly start to leave.

Sometimes an illness can leave a person by themselves with no one to lean on or talk with when times get rough. There is no one there to do anything on the good days either. So when there are good days, they turn to loneliness and a sense of even more loss.

Maybe there is a way to reconnect or connect with others. I have not found it at this point. It just seems like a lot to pay for something that one did not choose and that one is working hard to overcome.

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