For months now I have been hanging on by a thread that just seems to be getting thinner. I rarely leave the house because of my anxiety. I have become an expert at having things delivered. Anger seems like the only emotion that I am able to have.

Here is to hoping that the hospital may help with all of this. There are so many events in my life that I can just list off without feeling. I am scared to feel anything because then I may get overwhelmed. The hospital should help with regulating my emotions.They have staff that are trained to help 24 hours a day.

My eating is the worst that it has ever been. I need to get into a routine with food. I am not sure what that will even look like. Right now, I try to eat well, yet the junk food seems to call.

There are so many things to work on. I am worried that they will not get better. I feel stuck in this never ending loop that has cost me to lose those closest to me and to not allow for anyone new to get in. This has left me feeling like I am alone without anyone. It is a rough feeling.

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