Coping Skills

When I am in the hospital, all I hear about are coping skills and being able to use them. I understand that they are important, however;’in the real world they are not always effective. For example, I journal as a coping skill, yet I cannot carry my journal around everywhere I go.

Part of what the hospital wants is for us to go to staff if we are having issues. Again, that is great in the hospital,yet who do I go to in the real world outside of the hospital. It is just me for most of the day.

I wish that they would teach coping skills that could easily be used in public. Maybe then we would have more success.

Out of the Hospital

This past hospitalization was extremely helpful. I made safety nets and step by step plans for everything that makes me nervous to leave the house.

I learned the steps to have a complete memory. I am starting with neutral memories and will move on from there. It is hard, yet it seems to bring a clear picture into my head.

I was as honest as I could be this hospitalization. When I could not finish something I got help from my therapist.

Now to continue this work outpatient that I started inpatient. It is not going to be easy.