When I am in the hospital, all I hear about are coping skills and being able to use them. I understand that they are important, however;’in the real world they are not always effective. For example, I journal as a coping skill, yet I cannot carry my journal around everywhere I go.

Part of what the hospital wants is for us to go to staff if we are having issues. Again, that is great in the hospital,yet who do I go to in the real world outside of the hospital. It is just me for most of the day.

I wish that they would teach coping skills that could easily be used in public. Maybe then we would have more success.

2 thoughts on “Coping Skills

  1. You can get small pocketbook-sized locked journals on Amazon. I actually am able to carry mine with me. Maybe that will help? I also wear a beaded bracelet as a grounding aid and keep a couple of other fidgets and some strong flavored candies to stay present. Hope those give you ideas. Hugs.

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