Being a person with a mental illness has its unique challenges. For some reason there are some people who seem to think that all people with a mental illness are unstable. I wish that people knew how many people with a mental illness are doctors, lawyers, therapists, and others that they come into contact with everyday.

Personally, my mental illness is causing pain at this point. I was in the hospital for the first time in 2 years. The consequences are that I do not get to see my kids on Christmas which is my holiday. My kids are missing the family holiday party. They want to see me, yet their father will not allow me to see them for four days over the next two months. It is all part of agreements and amendments. All of the kids are teenagers. I think that they deserve a say in where they go.

It is hard not having my kids for the holiday, yet I need to make the best out of it for now. I am having the kids for a different Christmas Day. I am going to make the holiday season as good as I can for them.

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