Getting Care for Complex PTSD is Near Impossible

Last year, I had Medicare. I was told that they did not cover any long term mental health care. This year, I have private insurance. I was hopeful that treatment would be covered. Instead, I have been met with the same obstacles as always. Since I do not have a substance abuse issue or an eating disorder, long term treatment is not available in network.

The places in the country that will accept my insurance out of network still want $10,000 or more for a deposit. I cannot afford that. I am not sure that many people could. Now, I am stuck without the level of care that I need. I know that I cannot be the only one out there struggling with this.

Mental health care in this country needs to change. It should be affordable for everyone, not just those who have thousands of dollars to put out up front.

Are We Seeing Another Pandemic with Wuhan?

I have seen viruses that society was told were not a problem balloon out and kill thousands. Now there is a new virus. It has killed 18 people as of today according to the latest news reports. Over 600 people are infected. The WHO met and were conflicted about saying that this is an emergency.

What if this is like other viruses that the WHO has informed the public is not an emergency until it is to late? Tests kits in China, where the virus is believed to originated, are being used up. The WHO is not acknowledging the news report from earlier this week stating that the virus was confirmed to have come into the US by an individual on a plane.

Why are we waiting until it might be to late? How is this virus treated? Who is truly affected and can the virus mutate easily? This makes me concerned because it seems like a repeat of other viruses. Why can’t we prevent some of these illnesses by declaring an emergency? How many deaths will this new illness take to finally get the WHO to agree to restrictions for everyone’s safety.

A New Path

After moving an hour away from my therapist a year and a half ago, I continued to drive there every week. There were many weeks that I could not mentally make the drive. I did not even know if I was safe to drive that far. I often “go away” while driving and try not to drive to often or to long a distance.

An insurance change opened my choice of therapist and allowed me to see some of the therapists around me to see if they fit. I had an appointment last week that seemed to go well. Yesterday, I had my second appointment. The therapist seems to respect my boundaries and seems knowledgeable about how to care for someone with trauma.

I feel bad that I am leaving a therapist that I have been going to for years and know most of the things that have happened. I need to process those events and need to do so in a way where I am not stressed out from driving.

I shall see how the next few weeks go and make a decision. It is such a huge choice.


Anyone who is chronically ill mentally or physically may be able to relate to this post. This is supposedly the age of technology. We can encrypt electronic medical records, email, and so many other private documents.

With all of this, when going to a new doctor there is always the new patient form to fill out. I am not sure how many of you out there can relate to the fact that there is just not enough space. It makes me feel terrible about myself.

Why can’t their be a health records database where all medical records can be stored. There would be no problem going to see someone new because all of a persons health information would be there.

I though about this when there was an 18 page form for a potential new doctor. If I go see anyone else, I just have to recount crap that I do not want to say over and over.

Maybe one day we will get that database!! I think it would be a relief for some of us not have to fill out the same things over and over again.

Insurance Changes

With the new year, comes a change in my medical insurance. Now come the hard part. Finding a new therapist. I have left messages for a number of providers. I hope that they call me back today or tomorrow. If not, I will have to leave another message,

I have been with my current provider for 14 years. It is going to be hard to go to someone new and essentially begin all over again. Having a mental illness is hard enough. Having one that so few providers know about is even harder.

I just have to keep trying to get someone and hopefully everything will work out and I will have a new provider.