With the new year, comes a change in my medical insurance. Now come the hard part. Finding a new therapist. I have left messages for a number of providers. I hope that they call me back today or tomorrow. If not, I will have to leave another message,

I have been with my current provider for 14 years. It is going to be hard to go to someone new and essentially begin all over again. Having a mental illness is hard enough. Having one that so few providers know about is even harder.

I just have to keep trying to get someone and hopefully everything will work out and I will have a new provider.

3 thoughts on “Insurance Changes

  1. We had to resend our requests to two potential therapists who didn’t respond for the past 4 weeks. Today they both replied. One is taking no new clients, and gave a referral (helpful). The other is on maternity leave. Hope you find compatibility

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