Anyone who is chronically ill mentally or physically may be able to relate to this post. This is supposedly the age of technology. We can encrypt electronic medical records, email, and so many other private documents.

With all of this, when going to a new doctor there is always the new patient form to fill out. I am not sure how many of you out there can relate to the fact that there is just not enough space. It makes me feel terrible about myself.

Why can’t their be a health records database where all medical records can be stored. There would be no problem going to see someone new because all of a persons health information would be there.

I though about this when there was an 18 page form for a potential new doctor. If I go see anyone else, I just have to recount crap that I do not want to say over and over.

Maybe one day we will get that database!! I think it would be a relief for some of us not have to fill out the same things over and over again.

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