I have seen viruses that society was told were not a problem balloon out and kill thousands. Now there is a new virus. It has killed 18 people as of today according to the latest news reports. Over 600 people are infected. The WHO met and were conflicted about saying that this is an emergency.

What if this is like other viruses that the WHO has informed the public is not an emergency until it is to late? Tests kits in China, where the virus is believed to originated, are being used up. The WHO is not acknowledging the news report from earlier this week stating that the virus was confirmed to have come into the US by an individual on a plane.

Why are we waiting until it might be to late? How is this virus treated? Who is truly affected and can the virus mutate easily? This makes me concerned because it seems like a repeat of other viruses. Why can’t we prevent some of these illnesses by declaring an emergency? How many deaths will this new illness take to finally get the WHO to agree to restrictions for everyone’s safety.

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