Ok. Let me just start off for apologizing to anyone that I may have offended over the years. I used to really believe that class was what defined us more than race. Than the upper class did not respect or give as many opportunities to the lower classes as they had, causing oppression.

After, the past few weeks, I can honestly say that my views have changed. From not informing an entire black community about the possibility of an increased risk of a virus to the death that did not have to happen to a young man.

I did not realize that a person could be treated so badly just because of their race even though they were calm and cooperating. That being black, often led to the police following innocent men and women down the street.

I was in my Masters program program when I first heard the hundreds of names of the black men and women who were killed. Some shot in the back and others just because they happened to be in the same car that was stopped.

If that had been my son, he would have been treated differently just because he is white and that has to end. People need to stop moving over and getting off of elevators just because someone of another race gets on. We do not know each other’s stories and what has happened. Maybe listening and learning how to change the perceptions of some people may help.

All police are not malicious. There have been many who have joined protests or talked with the people in their district who were protesting. There are neighborhood patrolman who get to know the people on their route. They talk to people and may even play a game with the kids.

As a human being, I just want to know how I can help. How I can do something about this in my community. Education and learning is a large part. Thank you to those who have shared their stories of oppression. Speaking up and protests may be the only way for change.

Please let those of us who want to stand by you and support you know what we can do, because we can never truly understand what each of you has been through. Please do not stop sharing your experiences. They are a valuable tool for change

As for me, I am going to see how I can support change and stop the oppression of an entire group of people. Now, because of another son yet lost, I understand that race is more important than class.

One thought on “Now I Understand How Privileged I am

  1. I think one of the beautiful things about tearing down racist, oppressive power structures is that it would likely create a ripple effect to reduce other forms of oppression.

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