Do politicians and large companies really care about people? I have a hard time believing that they do. When I picked up a prescription the other day for my mental illness I looked at the fine print. The price my insurance had negotiated was $8. Affordable and would help with my symptoms.

I looked at the fine print and saw $140. I asked the tech who had to pay that much. Her response was people who are not insured or have a high deductible.

First, I want to approach the uninsured. If they are sick enough to become a patient in a mental health unit, they will receive medications. Those medications work and they are discharged. Now they are felling better and have less symptoms, yet the medication cost is out of reach. For this person it is a possibility that a cycle will begin when if provided with medications could be a productive citizen.

The next case is a high deductible. Someone diagnosed with any illness should be able to acquire their medications. Mental health meds are necessary to function. being told that you need something, have insurance, and yet cannot pay for the medication is wrong.

Why is big pharma willing to let me have the prescription for $8? If the company is willing to take that from me why can’t everyone be on a sliding scale for medications. We live in a country that seems to be able to hide the disparities between people and I cannot accept that any longer. Everyone deserves a minimum standard.

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