COVID and it Effects

The pandemic did not come overnight. The Wuhan virus had been around. For weeks the press release was that everything would pass. It did not help that the President believed the virus that did not exist.

We pride ourselves on the “freedoms” that we have in this country. While other countries closed down and maintained a strict quarantine, many areas of the US did not follow the stay at home order. Even wearing masks changed depending on what was acceptable in the area.

After a year, people are beginning to get together and travel once more. My experience has been that road rage and aggression has increased. Even on a 65 mph road drivers are doing. 80. People are pissed off about lines and are easily frustrated. Shootings have increased.

The reports are that around 70% of people are vaccinated, yet masks are still for the most part mandatory. To me, if we are so much better, why not allow mask to be an option. If mask wearing is mandatory along with sanitizing everything, why were these precautions not taken years ago with the flu and pneumonia which kill tens of thousands each year.

Prior to COVID I was in hospitals and watched as staff would go from room to room ignoring basic protection protocols. For now, COVID-19 is at the front of all illnesses and the talk of boosters is occurring as I write this. Worldwide I do not believe that things will ever return to before COVID-19. The world is irreparably changed and I do not think that it is for the better.

Telehealth is a Great Idea, Yet Needs Some Help

COVID19 has brought many changes to all of our lives. I know as someone with a mental health issue I have had some interesting experiences. The first couple of times that I tried therapy over the internet, the signal was not so great and I could not hear half of the things that my therapist was saying. That was an easy fix. We now just have therapy directly moved the phone and we go over everything that I need to discuss as well as homework.

My psychiatrist has been the harder of the two. My outpatient psychiatrist has now become inpatient. During this time, I have had to work with a new psychiatrist. My medicines have been hard to keep track of without any appointments. Some have had refills, others did not have any left, and still other were questioned by the insurance company. This week, I am beginning to keep better track of what I need.

Having therapy while on the phone can be interesting. Cats are getting in my lap and meowing. The kitten is trying to eat all of the non food items in the house. Not to mention that I feel exposed. I like the office setting. I can take my artwork in and discuss what I have worked on. There is no way to do that over the phone.

I know that things will improve with time as all of the glitches are worked out. Maybe, I will finally be able to have a face to face session. Here is hoping that things go smoothly. Remember to use hotlines and reach out to others if you are struggling.