Advocacy and Determination Paid Off

I have been fighting with my insurance company for over a year in order to get the correct therapy for C-PTSD. It has finally taken a small step in the right direction . Yes, this is with private insurance, yet it is a step closer in getting the care that we all desperately need.

After trying for a year to have someone actually listen, suddenly someone has. She had taken the time to research the choices provided by the company compared with my diagnoses. She quickly realized that none of the providers even understood.

Even more positive was that others in the company began to research the behavioral health providers and started to realize that many of the providers have poor reviews. The company is attempting to call out of network providers and see if there is a psychologist who is willing to accept the insurances rate for service. My fingers are crossedz

I have learned that I am not going to give up on trying to get the right treatment for my illness. One day I hope to assist in getting effective treatment for everyone.