This weekend is my weekend with the kids. I have one child who refuses to come and another who is having a friend over for a sleepover. That child will come next time, yet I am realizing that soon there is a possibility that none of them will want to come.

They live in affluent neighborhood an hour away from me. Their friends are there. They are at that age where they want to be with and see their friends. That is a normal part of growing up. I just wished that they lived closer and that their parents would not think of where I live as a slum! 

Then there is the child who does not speak to me. He has taken the position that I have somehow wronged my ex-husband and will not come over or speak to me. I do not think he is going to change his mind very soon and his father fully supports his decision. To me, he is still a child and should not be told what is going on from anyone’s perspective.

In some states what I am describing is clearly parental alienation. We do not have that where I live! For some reason that seems to have gotten skipped over.

Then there is all of the reading and school work that I have to do. This semester is filled with reading and papers. I just have to try to keep up and not get behind.


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